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Equipment and Uniforms:

-A face guard is required on all batting helmets in 6-10-year-old leagues and optional in 11/12-year-old Leagues.  Chin straps are not required.

-A throat protector (flap) is required on catcher’s mask unless it is a hockey style catcher’s mask.

-Protective cup required for all catchers.

-Anyone warming up a pitcher between innings is required to wear a catcher’s mask.  If a coach stands, no mask is required.  If a coach gets in a catcher’s stance, a mask is required.  ALL players are required to wear a catcher’s mask at all times.

-A player shall wear hat, shirt, socks and belt provided by the league

- Pants – Teams shall wear one color pants at the sole expenses of the team or individual parents.  If no decision is made to purchase a certain color pants all kids will wear gray pants with no piping.

- NO steal cleats in 6-12-year-old Baseball


Player and Coach Information:

-Coaches Info:

Covid -19 Rider Attached -

Coaches must comply with all of Executive Order 1491 including screening all players before taking the field for both practice and games by asking the questions below.  If you don’t have a copy of order please ask.  I would get a system in place. 

Have you been in close contact with confirmed case of Covid-19 in the past 14 days?

Are you experiencing a cough, shortness of breath or sore throat?

Have you had a fever in the last 48 hours?

Have you had new loss of taste or smell

Have you had vomiting or diarrhea in the last 24 hrs?

-Coaches need to also bring hand sanitizer for your players. We will have spray in dugout for any equipment that has to be shared.  No equipment can be shared without it first being sprayed.

If you need sanitizer please asked before season begins or at least a week in advance.

- Coaches you can have your team meet you at batting cages prior to 7:00 game starting at 6:15 but no parents can come to cages. I would suggest you meet up in parking lot and walk as a team to cages.  

-Coach is to help make sure that each side only has 50 people per side for a total of 100 per field. 

- Umpire and night manager will warn the crowd if number exceeds the allotted numbers and if not adjusted the game will be stopped until the 50 person per side number is reached.

- Coaches can reserve practice fields on Friday each week for the following week.  There will be no standing practices every Tuesday at 5:30 marked on calendar for the year.   However, you can call each Friday and reserve times on a first come first serve bases.

-A player shall not sit on the bench as a substitute for two consecutive innings.

- What is considered an out if a kid can’t take his or her turn at bat

            If there is no obvious medical reason as to why the kid can’t bat

            Example: Going to the bathroom is not an excused at bat

-All players on a team will bat for the entire game – Continues Batting Order

- Curtesy Runners during regular league play will be allowed with rules governed by the DYB Tournament rule book.

- NO head first sliding into bases except returning back to passed base.

-There will be a pitch count limit in 9/10 and 11/12-year-old leagues.  This will be discussed in detail and each coach will be provided a rule book.


Game Information:

-Approved BBCOR Bats with USA Stamp have to be used in league play – See Dixie Youth for list of approved bats. Umpires will have authority to remove any bats not meeting specs.

-Coaches should provide a line-up to the official score keeper at least 10 minutes prior to the game.  Line-ups should include: First Name, Last Name, Player’s Position and Player’s Number.

-The HOME TEAM will provide a scoreboard operator for each game.

Game will not begin until scoreboard operator is provided

Due to using Game Changer the score keeper has the right to stop the game if a player is batting out of order. Warning per game and the based on DYB Rules

- Time Slots for games: (2020 was a delayed start and the games were 6pm and 7:30 pm due to summer heat and longer summer nights

2021 Games will be back to normal unless we have a delayed start:

     1st Game – 5:30 pm

     2nd Game – 7:00 pm

-Game time limit will be 1:10 for 6/7/8-year old.  6 innings

-Game time limits will be 1:20 for 9/10- and 11/12-year-olds.  6 innings

- Tie Breaker Rule – During league and post season tournament play, the following will be the tie breaker rule that will be followed:

            -One extra Inning of play at normal rules of DYB Baseball and Local League Rules.

-The second inning with start with the following conditions, there will be a player put on second base and one out will be recorded in the score book.  This process will continue until one team wins the game. -Games Capacity Limit: Due to C-19 1491 Executive order only 100 people per field therefore the 7:00 game individuals have to stay in their vehicles or away from field of play until the previous game is over and the field has been cleared. 

-Standard 15-run rule after 3 innings and 10-run rule after 4 innings will apply.

-Coach Pitch: There will be a 7-run rule maximum allowed per inning except for the 6th inning (last inning) only in 6/7/8-year-olds.  Runs may be scored until there are three outs or until the game is decided by other means of ending a game.  If game goes into a 7th inning it will revert back to 7 run limits then the tie breaker rule will apply. The “open scoring ONLY applies to the 6th inning if time allows and the game goes that far.

-Coach Pitch: A legal pitch by a “Coach Pitcher” requires that one foot be inside the designated circle and the other foot at least be on the line of the circle when the ball is released as a pitch for the entire season. 

- Coach Pitch: If the “Coach Pitcher” is hit by a batted ball, the play is considered dead and a no pitch is declared.  The batter returns to bat again and takes up the previous count.

- Coach Pitch: If a “Runner Player” passes a base prior to the pitcher player gaining control of the ball and ending the play, the runner may advance to the next base at their own risk.  The umpire will call timeout with runners on base when the play comes to its natural end.

-Coach Pitch:  All players will play defense with extra players positioned in the outfield.  Players in the outfield must be positioned 20 feet or more from the grass line behind the base lines.

-Rainout games will be attempted to be played on Friday or Saturday of the week of the rainout unless a scheduled tournament and in such case will be played the next available Friday or Saturday.  If all games can be made up on a Friday night (enough field space to get them all in) then we will play on Friday if not the make-up games will be on Saturday.  Game times to be determined by LCC Baseball Manager.

-The official scorekeeper will keep the pitch count and the game time remaining will be displayed on the scoreboard. Pitch count updates will be communicated with both Coaches and the Umpire between innings. Coaches must notify scorekeeper when they change pitchers.

- If batter throws/slings his/her bat and the umpire deems that it can call bodily harm, the player will receive a warning and if done again the player will be out.

- All Dixie Youth Rules apply as well

- Any suggestion or recommendation please call 8am-4pm 601-823-9064 and we will be glad to consider.


Other info:

- Concession Stand will be at 100% operations

            No outside Food

-Please social Distance

Opening Weekend Jamboree

All games are a 1-hour time limit except if the home team still hasn’t had it last bat.  The home team will finish last bat. There is no tie breaker rule on Jamboree games.

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